The Bar

Ruffys Cocktails

Some of the greats — with a special Ruffys twist, of course!

Salty Chihauhua                             $100

Tequila Reposado, shaken with fresh lime juice, a splash of orange liquor and natural syrup to taste. Served on the rocks, with salt.
Make it a “Cadillac”
(Don Julio & Grand Marnier) for +$40)

“59”                                                $120

A tip of the hat to the 59 months it took to conceive, plan, save and build Ruffy’s Mexico! A yummy combo of light and dark rum, shaken over fresh passion fruit juice, with a squeeze of orange and lime and a touch of grenadine.

Wide Retriever                                $100

Light rum + coconut rum, blended with a handful of fresh strawberries, topped with a banana, coconut cream and pineapple frappe.

Bark-a-rita                                     $100

Tequila blanco, shaken with fresh lime juice, with a splash of orange liquor and natural syrup to taste, served on the rocks or blended, dressed with salt and lime.

Xola-rita                                        $100

Margarita made from tamarind fruits from local Puerto Vallarta trees, served on the rocks.

Mutt-mosa                                       $90

Extra dry prosecco, topped with fresh orange juice.

Beer, Wine, & Spirits

Though our beer and spirit selection change seasonally, we usually have these staples behind the bar.


Pacifico & Pacifico Light
Corona & Corona Light
Modelo Especial & Modelo Negra

Wine and Prosecco

Red or white — served by the glass

Spirits — Rum

Captain Morgan White
Captain Morgan Spiced
Bacardi Anejo

Spirits — Vodka

Absolute – Regular, Mandarin, Raspberry, Citron, Pear
Bloody Mary
Bloody Caesar

Spirits — Tequila

Cazadores Blanco
Don Julio Blanco or Anejo
Don Julio 70

Spirits —Other


Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Alcohol-free options


Fresh orange juice
Coffee (add Baileys, add Kaluah)
Iced Coffee
Selected Teas
Bottle Water
Sparkling Water